Tasting Kit Espresso Tins


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3 x Espresso Macinato (ground)


A superb ground coffee blend with a full body and velvety crema for making excellent espresso at home.

Espresso Macinato g.250 (ground)

3 x Espresso Natura

The nuanced espresso: the sweetness of the chocolate aftertaste blends with an almost biscuity flavor that has a surprising yield in milk. A premium blend of selectcoffees from organic farming. A product that respects the planet's resources, so that the coffee break is a pleasure for the palate and a joy for the soul.

Espresso Natura 250g - (ground)

3 x Espresso Decaffeinato

Decaffeinated ground coffee blend with an intense aroma and smooth crema. Decaffeinated with pure water, steam and natural aroma substance already present in the coffee, without any other processing aids. Maximum caffeine content: 0.10%

Espresso Decaffeinato g.250 - (ground)