Tasting Kit gr. 500


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2 x Espresso Gran Gourmet

Espresso Gran Gourmet 100% high quality Arabica with an intense, sweet and delicate aroma. Balanced and aromatic, delicate and pleasant acidity, sweet notes of cashews and sultanas, final aftertaste of dark chocolate.

500g bag

2 x Espresso Grand'Aroma

Very high-quality coffee blend with a great aroma and velvety crema. Full and rich, enveloping on the palate with notes of spices, cocoa, whisky, and tobacco. Final licorice aftertaste.

Bag 500g

2 x Espresso Gran Crema

Balanced and smooth, pleasantly creamy on the palate, malty sweetness with vibrant notes of roasted nuts, biscuit, and whisky.

500g bag

2 x Espresso Gusto Classico

The traditional Italian blend with a strong body and thick crema. Balanced and intense, distinctive on the palate with notes of popcorn and roasted nuts, strong and long aftertaste.

500g bag

Espresso Natura

A fine blend of selected coffees from organic farming. Balanced and rounded, crisp acidity and malty sweetness on the palate, notes of roast, dried fruit, and chocolate.

500g bag

Espresso Decaffeinato

A decaffeinated coffee blend with an intense aroma and smooth crema. Light and silky, surprising, and elegant on the palate, notes of dried fruit and roast, tobacco and chocolate, full and persistent aftertaste. Decaffeinated with pure water, steam and natural aroma substance already present in the coffee, without any other processing aids. Maximum caffeine content: 0.10%.

500g bag