Artisan Roasters since 1946


Messina, 1946. The Sicilian city is an international port that hosts thousands of ships and travellers from East and West, North and South.The world sails and crosses through Messina.  The war is over, and life once again pulsates with energy and vitality. Thousands of children are born as families grow. The Urbano family faces Reconstruction with enthusiasm, has a special passion and is determined to follow it through to the end. Great connoisseurs of coffee, the Urbano family know that this drink is a fundamental tradition of the Italian lifestyle and decide to make it their future by creating the basis for a solid company. They know that coffee must be good, indeed, very good. For a good coffee you need two things: an excellent raw material and, above all, a perfect roast. This is how Miscela d’Oro was born. A company from Messina that will delight the palates of many generations to come.

The roasting of already blended coffee is a complex procedure that requires extraordinary care, knowledge, and precision. And it is precisely on this knowledge that Miscelad’Oro has based all its work for over 70 years.

Miscela d’Oro is the name of a unique taste. A unique, special, deep taste. An unmistakable colour: gold. The idea has found perfect application, the Miscela d’Oro shop becomes a laboratory, the laboratory becomes a factory. First in Sicily, then in Italy and finally all over the world: Miscela d’Oro is synonymous with the excellence of Italian artisan coffee.


The art of blending and roasting.

A “know-how” jealously guarded by the company and its Master Roasters responsible for the production of the exceptional Miscelad’Oro blends. But coffee starts from afar, which is why the Miscela d’Oro beans are monitored day by day from the plantations to arrival at the roasting plant. Here, in an ultra-modern plant, all the magic that makes Miscela d’Oro an Italian coffee excellence takes place.


Passion is at the heart of our work. We work for a more ethical and sustainable world of coffee, respectful of the environment and the consumer, dedicated to the quality and healthy values of a completely natural and delicious product.

The Production

The great magic