Discover the Bio Natura Collection by Miscela d’Oro: 100% Organic

Espresso Natura stands out as more than just coffee. It is a unique sensory experience, a premium blend made from beans selected exclusively from organic farming. This choice not only ensures a superior final product but also reflects our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly production practices.

Our organic blend is available in various formats:

For enthusiasts who want to grind their own beans for a personalized experience, while maintaining a rich and intense aromatic profile.

For lovers of tradition, our ground coffee is ideal for starting the day on the right foot. Intense aroma and unmatched freshness.

The perfect solution for those looking for convenience without compromising on quality. Our pods are compostable, confirming (/highlighting?)  Miscela d’Oro’s commitment to a greener future.

For Nespresso users looking for an organic alternative, our Green capsules offer the perfect balance between sustainability and taste.

An innovative solution for the office or for those who desire a superior quality espresso with maximum convenience.

An Unparalleled Aromatic Profile

Our organic blend is characterized by a perfect balance of malty sweetness, lively acidity, and rounded, balanced notes on the palate. Aromas of toasted bread, nuts, and chocolate intertwine in a sensory ballet, culminating in a fresh flavor with malty touches and undertones of hazelnut and dried fruit. The surprise? An unexpected caramelized hint that enhances every sip, making Espresso Natura an experience rich in nuances.

Explore with us the world of Miscela d’Oro, where every cup tells the story of an unconditional commitment to quality and taste. Welcome to an extraordinary journey, welcome to the Miscela d’Oro family.